Aoi Kimidori (木緑葵, Kimidori Aoi; Literally meaning "Yellow-Green Blue") is the sweet

木緑あかねKimidori Aoi
Anime name Aoi Kimidori
Manga name Kimidori Aoi
Debut Manga:"The Birth of Arale" (1980)
Appears in Dr. Slump,
Race Human
Family Kon Kimidori (father)
Murasaki Kimidori (mother)
Akane Kimidori (sister)
Mame Soramame (aunt)
Peasuke Soramame (Cousin)
Taro Soramame (Cousin)
Kurikinton Soramame (Uncle)

sister of typical 'bad-girl' Akane Kimidori, whom works at the local coffee shop in Penguin Village.


  • 1980s series: Naomi Jinbo
  • 1990s series: Hiroko Emori

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